Southridge Youth Ministries

Youth is separated into MSM (Middle School Ministry) and HSM (High School Ministry). Our MSM nights are Thursdays 7:00 - 9:00 while our HSM is Wednesdays 7:00 -  9:00. Our youth bible studies are held on Wednesdays after school (watch for those early dismissals).

Fast Food Meal Challenge

From January - March we are trying out SYM's first long term challenge. What are these? It is simply a fun way to connect with the group in friendly competition. 

This contest is a Fast Food Challenge. What you got to do is make a meal using as many restaurants as possible and then take a picture of it. Send that Picture to Pastor Jared and he will upload it to SYM's Instagram for people to see. People are allowed to do this in groups or families. The prize is gift cards to each place you used in your meal! Deadline is the beginning of March.

Feast & Fair

We are doing it again!! A Festival and Feast on March 23. Tickets are available at the Church or even through youth raising money for YC and SYM. We are looking for helpers in all areas so let Pastor Jared know what you can help with.