Southridge Youth Ministries

Youth is separated into MSM (Middle School Ministry) and HSM (High School Ministry). Our MSM nights are Thursdays 7:00 - 9:00 while our HSM is Wednesdays 7:00 -  9:00. Our youth bible studies will be starting September 20 and 21 with HSM on Thursdays after school and MSM Wednesdays after school. Both take place at Southridge church. 

Below are a list of things happening in the SYM ministries as well as things to be apart of!

  • Fall Retreat
  • Coffee Shop and Bake Shop
  • F.T.L. Worship team start up
  • YC registrations in October
  • Tim and the Glory Boys Concert October 28
  • And more...

Fall Retreat

We are happy to announce Fall Retreat 2017. Our theme this Fall is "The Opposition" and what that means is that we are going to take a look at the enemy and his tactics. It is a serious battle that most of us aren't even fully aware of. Are you ready to face the enemy with Christ by your side? 

Here are some details before registering:

- The Bus is leaving September 29 at 6:30 pm and coming back around 5:00 pm October 1st.

- Registration for the weekend is $60 + Teen Hortons (our concession) for what ever amount you choose. (Amounts for Teen Hortons are non-refundable so be responsible with how much you contribute. Money for Teen Hortons has to be included with the Registration. We do not want Teens bringing money to camp for the sake of it getting lost).

- Registrations will be available at Southridge Community Church with specific details or clicking on the link here.

Click on the picture to see promotional video!

Tim & The Glory Boys

Get ready for October 2017 HOOTENANNY! Fall Tour. One of the goals of this tour is to reach as many people in the community, young and old, across denominations for a unified worship night. Come get your tickets now!

YC 2018

Registration for YC Alberta is going to be happening on October 1st for only one hour. The registration is $99, which is significantly cheaper than last year. So the way that it is going to work is going to work is each youth attending who wants to go with our group will give a deposit of $99 and then on can save and fund raise till May. The max price is calculated to be $218 each if we have a full group (which is estimated more than last year). This includes the $99 deposit. So from October to May the max price for YC will be $218 - $99 and minus fund raising (Feast and Fair).

Any questions, please let Jared know. Here is a link for the brochure.

Coffee Shop

For those interested in serving in our coffee shop, contact Jared and you will be trained and put on the schedule

F.T.L. (For the Lord) Worship Team

FTL is a Southridge worship team that brings a mix of adults and youth together in worship. This team is a mix of people who are passionate about worship. All are welcome.