Our Staff

  • Bethany - Office administrator

    Bethany has a heart that is for people. Her love for Jesus flows out for each person that comes through the doors at Southridge. She keeps up with her four children and equally energetic husband. If you ever need a listening ear, Bethany is one of the best!

    Random Facts about Bethany

    - Lived in Bolivia for three months

    - Has a wicked Spanish accent (only when she tries)

    - Is a giver

    - She is the office snack provider (very important)

    Phone 780 875 8929 - Ext. 101 Click here to email Bethany

  • Jared Jantzen - Youth Ministry/MEDIA MINISTRY

    Jared has a huge heart for all people, especially teens. When talking to him, it's easy to see Jesus; he fully engages and cares about what you care about. He's an 'All In' kinda guy; if it is time for messy day at camp, he's the messiest, if it is time to be quiet and search the Scriptures, he's fully focused. He has a great sense of humor and this is something we all love about him. 

    Random Facts about Jared

    - likes to wear contrasting patterns

    - drummer

    - writes books

    - married Jillian (Oct '14)

    Phone 780 875 8929 - Ext 104  Click here to email Jared

  • Leah Vidal - Children's Ministry

    Leah is a servant and - like Jesus - she is constantly found helping others, putting their needs before herself. 

    Whether it is an encouraging word or a gesture of kindness, she is a blessing to everyone she meets.

    She loves the many volunteers she works with and is dedicated to each of them. 

    When something needs to get done, she 'gets 'er done', seeing the endless possibilities and opportunities to make a difference. 

    Random Facts about Leah

    - She is uber creative

    - Leah is raising 3 young men (Matthew, Braydon & Levi)

    - Labels, Labels, Labels

    - She is quite possibly the best gluten-free cook going (if there is such thing)

    Phone 780 875 8929 - Ext. 105 Click here to email Leah

  • Kelsey Friesen - Associate PAstor

    Kelsey is a very Spirit filled woman of God, deeply connected to Jesus' heart and in tune with the Holy Spirit. With all her heart she cares for the body of Christ and longs for them to experience the love of Jesus. She loves to teach each one of God’s adopted children and delights in seeing them grow in their understanding of Him.

    Random Facts about Kels

    - A published author

    - Knows what a “dead lift” is (& does them) 

    - Loves History – her historical man crush is William Wilberforce

    Phone 780 875 8929 - Ext 103 Click here to email Kelsey

  • Ken Fisher - Lead Pastor

    Ken has a love for Jesus that spills out no matter who he is talking to and what he is talking about. Ken is very passionate while he speaks on Sunday mornings. He demonstrates with larger than life gestures and personal stories that keeps people of all ages engaged and interested.

    He is a gifted leader whose heart is to draw people to Jesus and build the kingdom of God in Lloydminster. 

    Ken is fearless when it comes to leading God’s people into battle for Him.

    Random Facts about Ken

    - Ken is married to Janel and has two mini warriors who answer to Logan and Parker.

    - Loves to get his aggression fix out on the football field or training at a local MMA Gym.

    - He is surprisingly emotionally in-tune, a necessity in working with 3 females on the staff (thanks Janel).

    - He lives in a barn.

    Phone 780 875 8929 - Ext. 102 Click here to email Ken